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Deploy GitLab Runner

Install required software



  1. Login to Azure: az login
  2. Select your subscription: az account set --subscription <SUBSCRIPTION>
  3. Clone the project: git clone

Deploy & register the Gitlab Runner

  1. Get the registration token from Gitlab: Specific runners:<REGISTRATION_TOKEN>
  2. Set the registration token: export RUNNERTOKEN="<REGISTRATION-TOKEN>"
  3. Run the deployment script with the two arguments: cd cluster/scripts/ && ./ <RESOURCE-GROUP-NAME> <STORAGE-ACCOUNT-NAME>. The deployment script will:
    • Create a new resource group in Azure, where all the resources should be created
    • Create an Azure Blob Storage for runner distributed caching
    • Deploy a Kubernetes (aks) in the resource group
    • Setup connection to a k8s cluster
    • Add Helm repository
    • Deploy Gitlab Runner from Helm Chart, using predefined values: give_working_link
    • Register the Runner in Gitlab
  4. Check the registration status of in your project settings at Settings > CI/CD > Runners