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Getting Started

We compiled comprehensive documentation on how to deploy and operate an own EuroDaT instance and how you can take part in the development of EuroDaT.

Connect to EuroDaT

If you just want to connect to EuroDaT, learn about how to install and use the EuroDaT Client.

Run EuroDaT in the Cloud

EuroDaT is built in a cloud-agnostic way. We currently provide ready-to-use deployments to GCP.

For Developers

As a developer, you probably want to have a EuroDaT instance running on your local machine for easy development and debugging. Learn about how to build and run EuroDaT locally, starting with nothing but a fresh clone of the repository.

Requirements for Development

These are essential or strongly recommended if you want to take part in the development of EuroDaT:

Check out our tools chapter for tips and tricks for various tools we use.


Please report bugs or request a feature in our gitlab issues .