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Workflows and Data

Argo Workflows simplifies the management of complex tasks within Kubernetes clusters by organizing them into separate pods. This orchestration involves pod provisioning, deprovisioning, and artifact transfer.

Basics of Argo Workflow in the EuroDaT realm:

  • Workflow Templates: Argo Workflows promotes structured workflow management through Workflow Templates. Workflows cannot be initiated directly. Instead, users reference a workflow template to start a workflow. This approach restricts the use of the database, increases security and enables efficient workflow processing.
  • User Interface (UI): The UI is accessible via a local Tilt setup or a port forwarding from the remote Kubernetes cluster. Token-based authentication ensures security and can be generated via the broker's service account.
  • Archival of Workflows: All workflows orchestrated by the Argo Workflow controller are archived for a duration of 30 days in a PostgreSQL database.

PostgreSQL is a database management system. In this guide you will learn its usage, ports, and how to interact with it effectively.

RabbitMQ is a back messaging software we use to enable messaging between participants. This guide explains how to gain access to the management ui and the messaging queue.