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Code Quality Checks

The CI/CD pipeline has a stage code_quality. In this stage, various tools run and create reports:

The reports from markdownlint and Talisman, as well as OWASP-dependency-check appear in their artifacts always. SonarCloud analysis also produces a report as an artifact for pipelines with it. The report from ktlint, tls-report appear in their artifacts only in case of failure.

Talisman options

By default, a report from Talisman has json-format and contains all information about errors, warnings and their severity levels. If you prefer html-report (which looks nice, but doesn't give information about warnings and severity level), please open file cluster/pipeline/misc.gitlab-ci.yml and change the following line

- ./.git/hooks/bin/talisman --scan --ignoreHistory --reportDirectory=talisman


- mkdir ~/.talisman
- curl -o ~/.talisman/ -J -L
- cd ~/.talisman && unzip -d . && mv talisman-html-report-1.3 talisman_html_report && rm
- cd -
- ./.git/hooks/bin/talisman --scanWithHtml --ignoreHistory

To use a correct path to an artifact, change talisman to talisman_html_report in artifacts:paths: in job linter:talisman:.

After downloading the artifact and extracting it, run two commands:

cd Downloads/talisman_html_report/
python -m http.server 8080

Then go to localhost:8080 in your browser and see the results.

For more information about Talisman (for example, what to do with false positives), please check our documentation on pre-commit hooks.

SonarCloud Notes & Problems

We are using SonarCloud and its quality gates to check the coverage of our unit tests. The current threshold for it to pass is 70%.

Previously, SonarCloud only performed a coverage scan after the feature branch has been merged with main. This lead in some cases to post-merge errors that needed to be additionally fixed. This problem was due to SonarCloud only checking long-lived branches, while short-lived branches only get a coverage estimate.

Our current solution for this is to manually edit the long-lived branches pattern inside SonarCloud's UI, which can be found at Branches > Top right corner. The current regex-pattern is set to (EDTBUC|edtbuc|hotfix|story|subtask).*, Accordingly, any branch that has any of those words as a prefix in its name will be set as a long-lived branch. The main drawback of this method is that long-lived branches will stay in SonarCloud's UI, while short-lived branches get sorted out automatically after some time. Note that this pattern has to be changed manually for every project.