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Build and Run from Source

This guide describes how you can build and run the EuroDaT client locally, from source and use it to connect to to a EuroDaT instance.

Create the Client Secret

Follow our tutorial on how to generate a client secret but skip the creation of the k8s secret. We only need the files keystore.jks and tls.crt.


Follow the steps described in Configure the EuroDaT Client to configure the client.

Run the Client

Make sure that you have already set the environment variables as described above. Then, source the environment script :

# Assuming we are in the root directory of the EuroDaT repository
chmod +x cluster/scripts/
. cluster/scripts/

Finally, build and run the client's image:

services/client-controller/gradlew -p services/client-controller -x test build
java -jar services/client-controller/build/quarkus-app/quarkus-run.jar

If you are using the client with a local KinD cluster which uses a certificate authority with a self-signed certificate, you need to make it trust EuroDaT's certificate.

Using the Client in our Local Development Setup

If you are using the client in our local development setup, you will have to register it yourself.