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Configure the EuroDaT Client

To EuroDat Client is configured by preparing the environment in which the application starts. Define the essential values as environment variables:

# Assuming we are in the root directory
export EURODAT_BASE_URL="<EuroDaT's FQDN>"
export TLS_CERT_PATH="<path-to-tls.crt>"
export KEY_STORE_FILE_PATH="<path-to-keystore.jks>"
export KEY_STORE_FILE_PASSWORD="<keystore password>"
export CLIENT_ID="<client_id>"
Value What it is for Where to find it
EURODAT_BASE_URL The fully qualified domain name of the EuroDaT cluster you want to connect to Address of the EuroDaT cluster
KEY_STORE_FILE_PASSWORD The password you used during creation of keystore.jks You probably have saved it at some secure location
CLIENT_ID The client id used during the registration process at EuroDaT The ID used in the registration process

Trusting Self-signed Certificates

In the local development setup, certificates are issued by a certificate authority that is not publicly trusted. You need to configure trust yourself. Export the following environment variables before running the client:

export QUARKUS_REST_CLIENT_TRUST_STORE="cluster/scripts/local-certs/cacerts"  # Self-signed certificates used locally
export QUARKUS_OIDC_CLIENT_TLS_TRUST_STORE_FILE="cluster/scripts/local-certs/cacerts"