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How to Use the EuroDaT Client Docker Image

You can conveniently run the containerized EuroDaT Client without its helm chart and without building it from source using its docker image. The image client-controller is released together with all other EuroDaT images in our Gitlab container registry .

Create the Client Secret

Follow our tutorial on how to generate a client secret but skip the creation of the k8s secret. We only need the files keystore.jks and tls.crt.


Follow the steps described in Configure the EuroDaT Client to configure the client and set the needed environment variables.

Run the Client

Make sure you have docker up and running on your machine. Start the container using

sed 's/\<export\>\ //g' cluster/scripts/ > client_template
envsubst < client_template > client.env
rm client_template
docker run$VERSION \
  -v $TLS_CERT_PATH:/crt/tls.crt \
  -v $KEY_STORE_FILE_PATH:/crt/keystore.jks \
  -e TLS_CERT_PATH=/crt/tls.crt \
  -e KEY_STORE_FILE_PATH=/crt/keystore.jks \
  --env-file ./cluster/scripts/


When using Git Bash, you might need to disable its POSIX path conversion by exporting MSYS_NO_PATHCONV=1.

If you are using the client with a local KinD cluster which uses a certificate authority with a self-signed certificate, you need to make it trust EuroDaT's certificate.

Using the Client in our Local Development Setup

If you are using the client in our local development setup, you will have to register it yourself.